Quality Policy

This policy was originally created in June 2009 for the Quality Management System and will continue to be valid in this format and the manual.

GULF E&C is a Construction & Maintenance Company carrying out plant construction, maintenance, and manpower services, in the field of mechanical, electrical, civil, HVAC and environmental services.

The Company is committed to providing a quality service to its Clients which accurately interprets their requirements and satisfies their expectations in an innovative, economic and efficient manner.

GULF E&C will achieve these aims through the operation of a Quality Management System. This addresses the following key issues developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 to which the Company is under registration process.
• The maximization of client satisfaction
• Predictability of performance
• Collaborative working with our supply chain
• Continuous improvement of our supply chain
• Assurance of application of standard method statements and procedures

• Securing targeted opportunities through preferred methods of procurement

• The development and retention of people

This policy and its aims are communicated and understood throughout the Company as necessary and are reviewed to ensure continually improving performance.

HSE Practices

‘Our goal is zero workplace incidents’

We believe that every accident is preventable.

We not only incorporate ―best practices‖ into our safety culture, we create them.

We rely on experience, continuous training, and adherence to strict standards to ensure the safety of our employees, our partners, and our surrounding communities.

Each one of our employees shares an obligation to prevent accidents and is expected to conduct work in a way that actively integrates the elements of GULF E&C Health, Safety and Environment Program into applicable aspects of operations.

Immersion in our safety culture begins on the first day of employment—from ergonomics to regulatory-compliant training, from case studies to on-site assessments.

Our commitment to safety has garnered recognition from clients, community and regulators.


Training is an essential element of HSE excellence and it is also considered to be as essential element to assist with our target to ZERO accident, nil property damage and least minimum impairment to the environments.

GULF E&C has an established HSE Training Centre with a capacity to accommodate 35 participants with training aids for imparting in-house HSE training on various subjects to our employees at different levels.

The training program includes:

• Planning for HIRARC (Hazard identification, Risk assessment and Risk Control)

• Understand Loss causation and control issue
• Occupational Safety
• Safety at work
• Accident Prevention
• Operational Control
• Emergency preparedness and response

• Performance measuring and monitoring

GULF E&C has won safety awards and appreciations for outstanding Safety Performance on the job.

Pak-Arab Refinery, 100000 Barrel Per day

Fabrication, Erection, Welding, installation And Commissioning of Diesel Max area. GULF E&C received the Safety Performance Award from Marubeni Corporation (Japan).

586MW Uch Power Station

Maintenance Contract

GULF E&C received the Safety Performance Award from ESB International on the achievement of 400 consecutive days with no LTI.

412 MW Rousch Power Plant

Maintenance contract

GULF E&C Employees receiving Safety Award from Marubeni (Japanese EPC) at PARCO

GULF E&C received the Safety Performance Award from ESB International on the achievement of 1,000 consecutive days with no LTI (29 June 2001 to 24 March 2004).


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