GULF E&C Services

Electrical Works

GULF E&C offers excellent service with competitive pricing & qualified
technicians to serve client needs.
Industrial experience ranges from production line and machine control wiring and
troubleshooting to installation, testing and commissioning of all sizes of main
electrical services including panel-boards, transformers, feeders, switchgear.
Our Electrical and automation department provides a full range of services
including: electrical control system design, automated control system design,
industrial electrical installations.

Electrical services include:

1.Industrial electrical plant installation and
2.Design/Build, new power modifications to
existing systems
3. Providing load studies and deriving solutions
to your power distribution problems
4. High, medium and low voltage installation on
electrical equipment
5. Calibration of new equipment

GULF E&C also installs following systems:

1.complete facility wiring
2. highway and site lighting
3. underground site utilities
4. switchgear
5. fire alarms
6. Cathodic Protection system
7. security systems
8. conveyor power and control wiring
9. power monitors
10. high voltage cable
11.transformer isolation,
12.commissioning & testing


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