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Poly Dart Cleaning System

This Cleaning System has multiple Cleaning Features & Complete set of Accessories which can be utilized and modified according to Size & Nature of Tubes to be cleaned.

  • Metal Bladed Spring Loaded Scrapers .
  • Heavy Poly Darts.
  • Light Poly Darts.
  • Nylon Brushes.
  • Carbon Steel or Stain Less Steel Wire Brushes.
  • Carbon Steel or Non Ferrous Rotary Wire Brushes.
  • Rotary Buffer Cutters with Flexible Shaft Apparatus for Tight Quarters.
  • Rotary Centrifugal Cutter with Flexible Shaft Apparatus for Multiple Bended Tubes.
  • Water Drill.

Tube Cleaning By Scrapper Shooting
Scrapper ShootingThis kind of Tube cleaners are spring loaded to effectively remove all deposits. The Air-Water gun shoots the metal bladed cleaner through the tube. Through a water flushing action, all soft and hard deposits are shot out ahead of the cleaners, leaving the tubes in an as – new condition.

Tube Cleaning By Cal-Buster
Cal BusterThe “Cal-Buster” is specifically designed to break the eggshell-like crystalline form of calcium-based scale deposits. Available in 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ sizes for condenser and heat exchangers, the “Cal-Buster” has been used effectively in place of environmentally harmful chemical cleaning methods.

Rotary Buffer Cutter with Flexible shaft
The Buffer Cutter can be fed through the tube-unaffected by the slight sagging of the tube properly size and selected brushes and tubes will not cut into the tube wall, nor get stuck into the tubes of Heat Exchanger and Steam Condenser etc.

Rotary Buffer CutterNylon-Jet Brushes Cleaning System
Nylon-Jet brush System is the fastest method of removing light deposits (mud, silt and organic growth) within the tubes. Approximately 2000 tubes / shift can be cleaned with Ram Brush.

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