Mechanical Equipment Installation

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Mechanical Equipment Installation

Gulf Engineering offers the best and most experienced equipment installment in
the industry.
Our skilled and trained personnel enable us to offer efficient services for
equipment erection services and testing in an assortment of industries. They
posses sufficient knowledge to execute projects as per the requirements of our
valued clients. We are committed towards completing the projects within the
stipulated time frame.
1.Disassembly and re-assembly of equipment
2.Machinery erection and installation for any type of
3. Rigging, moving, and setting
4. Chillers, boilers, and cooling towers
5. Boiler Pressure Parts
6. Large or small pumps, vertical or horizontal
7. All associated piping systems
8. Precision alignment and leveling
9. Anchoring
Complex projects include:
1.Plant or equipment relocations
2. Material handling installations
3. Fire Fighting system
4. Sprinkler system
5. Conveyor installations
6. Natural gas and steam turbine
8. Precision pump and compressor
10. Tank and vessel installations
11 Manufacturing equipment installations
12 CNG Pumps Installations


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